Luciano Packaging Technologies is unique in the industry because of its ability to find innovative and cost effective solutions to the most difficult problems in packaging. Actual customized machines are developed to order using the latest technologies available in sensors, actuators, intelligent motions and controls.

Advanced manufacturing methods are also used as required. Our philosophy of prototyping critical mechanisms to use as a basis for final machine design has proven successful in applications throughout the industry. Complete, "as built" documentation in AutoCad is standard practice.

Machines designed and built by the Luciano team include:


Stapler assembly processes including E-Clip application assembly inspection and grease application. Featuring the UR-5e Universal Collaborative Robot for product transfers and presentation for processes. Also featured is the Teledyne DALSA vision inspection system for E-Clip application assurance. A recirculating puck handling system provides seamless integration into exiting production line. System processes up to eight (8) staplers per minute and replaces two (2) operators performing stressful repetitive operations.


High speed de-pucking and packaging machine for tray packing or bulk packaging for vacuum product transfer and a servo controlled CSS feed screw for puck presentation. The machine operates at a production rate of 120 inhalers per minute.


The SASI-30 is an inspection labeling system for plastic syringes. We are inspecting for particle, cracks, breaks, scratches, plunger quality, cap position, color, label placement and pouching. The machine includes pressure sensitive labelling with thermal transfer printing and vision inspection for print assurance.

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Prefilled glass syringe semi-automatic particle inspection for prefilled glass syringes in the bd HYPAK™ package additionally inspecting for pierced needle shields and broken flanges

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Cosmetic and particle inspection of bandages at a rate of 250 per minute. We are loading blister packages and inserting identification cards and top and bottom labelling. The system incorporates two vison guided ABB irb-360 high speed flexpicker robots for loading into blister packages.

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