Our package design is based on the commercially available 7-day multiple prescription containers that are used by people who take multiple solid dose medicines/vitamins in accordance with a daily regimen. These containers are traditionally filled at home by the users or caretakers and this can be a time consuming and mistake-prone exercise. The idea is to provide customers with pre-filled patient specific and dosage period specific packaging of their medicines in a convenient, user friendly blister package format. Each medicine/vitamin will be individually inspected using technology that is proven and used throughout the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. This technology will be applied to this pharmacy-based product to achieve validated 100% automatic inspection of each fill. Additionally, each package will be labeled with patient and medicine specific information including prescription and drug information, tablet photos, warnings, doctor contact, dosage period information, and patient name (and photo option). The blister format is in a familiar 7-day linear pattern, with blisters that are dispensed from a sleeve which is designed to promote regimen adherence. The blisters are manually dispensed sequentially so the user will know if a daily dosage period is missed. An important feature is that the blister package for a specific day/dosage period cannot be accessed until the package for the previous dosage period is dispensed; this assures that the regimen sequence will be followed. A child resistance feature can also be integrated into the dispensing sleeve.

Some advantages of this type of packaging (over other competitive brand multi-medicine packages- Pillpak, Avive, Daily Med, etc.), are as follows:

  • True sequential dispensing (i.e. you cannot access Monday until the Sunday package is dispensed).
  • Superior and more informative graphics (that stays with the primary package).
  • Small and easily transportable.
  • Child resistance.
  • 100% automatic inspection assurance.
  • Familiar 7-day pill-box which customers can relate to.
  • Offers greater protection (against crushing or tablet breakage).
  • Uses consumable material that can be competitively sourced so per package cost is comparable.