About Our Company

Luciano Packaging Technologies is a full service engineering and manufacturing firm dedicated to the advancement of technology and automation in the packaging industry. Since 1972, The Luciano group of engineering firms has been practicing its craft for the world's foremost companies.

Our office is organized into design teams consisting of a project leader, designers and draftsmen. Larry Luciano and his principals maintain personal involvement with every project, working closely with the project leader and client. Every job is carried from start to finish by the same design team to ensure continuity and effective client communication.

Our experience has shown that while each task demands its own specialized approach, we consistently apply certain basic problem solving principles: information gathering, processing, design and implementation.

One of or strengths is to undertake challenging projects, varying in size and scope. Listening intently and responding quickly and decisively to our clients' needs has helped build the reputation we hold today and endeavor to maintain for the future.